I am a mommy now!

Dear Friends on Tylibah.com it dawned on me that many of you that follow me here are not necessarily connected with me on social media. So… you may or may not know that 4 months ago my life changed forever and for the better. I gave birth to my only child. His name is Tahj which means crown. His middle name is Malik which means king. So… let’s crown the king! The birth of my son has made me so much wiser, stronger and connected to God. I realized pretty early on in my pregnancy that I would have to count on God for many of the things that I thought would be provided for me in the physical form. From the moment I found out I was pregnant enormous feelings of love, attachment, commitment and protection engulfed me like never before. I was determined to become a better person for my only child. Now that he is born I’ve realized how much my own mother cares for me. She would often say “I would never do anything to hurt you and I only want what’s best for you” now that I am a parent I can totally relate, appreciate and understand why she would say those words. Life has definitely changed. My life is no longer my own. Phones calls, text messages and projects which I thought were so important now pale in comparison to changing diapers, Breast feeding and making silly faces all in an effort to ensure that my baby is cared for, loved and happy. I am excited for this new chapter on my journey. I get to love for life an extension of myself. Literally. Another person came out of my body (lol) so to all you mommy’s out there I’ve joined the club.

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