Self Care is Not Selfish: A must read for woman with childern!



In this picture I’m holding my 2 month old son. I hadn’t slept, and was only eating to produce enough milk to breast feed. I was a nervous wreck and unbeknownst to me suffering with postpartum depression.

* At that time I didn’t realize that taking care of me was just as important as taking care of my son. I thought it was selfish of me to think about myself.

*Now almost 2 years later I prioritize my mental and spiritual health. By being intentional about self care. Praying, journaling, exercise, talking to wise, supportive friends and staying connected with family.

* I even researched biblical references to keep me mindful of what was important as it related to rest in Luke 5:16 Jesus himself prioritized rest. When faced with great crowds, Jesus “often withdrew to lonely places and prayed”


*When I need a break I take it. Even if it means I let my son play on the tablet or watch TV for a bit while mommy has a moment. My sleep is also important I noticed that the less I slept the harder it was to do anything Like meal prep or to be productive at work in my business.

*I want my son to see a strong. Relaxed. Confident mommy. Not someone barely holding it together because the demands of life are taking a toll on her. I’m not super woman. And have no desire to be her. But I can be the best Tylibah which means it’s ok to take care of me. ️

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