Still She Rises!


I was just 8 years old at my church in Brooklyn, The House of the Lord church where all roads lead when Sharon Daughtry the minister of music taught me a poem by a lady named Maya Angelou. She told me that the only way I would be reciting it “right” is if I included attitude, voice inflection’s and facial expressions that matched the intensity and the depth of the poem. “Still I Rise is a powerful piece” she told me. “And you know what power sounds like right?” I remember nodding my head in agreement. I didn’t exactly know for sure but I did know that whoever this Maya lady was I had to make her proud. I learned the poem quickly we rehearsed and rehearsed until I got it right, that included my voice, my facial expressions and my delivery. Soon after learning the poem I recited it in front of the entire church, the crowd went wild. I remember feeling so strong, brave and accomplished in those moments and the moments following. So I continued and each time I recited it I got better ad better. “Still I Rise” was my platform into everything I did artistically, That included writing poems, rhymes and songs of my own. How grateful  I am to Ms. Maya who realized her dreams and therefore helping me to realize mine. I thank you and I love you. “No one in the history of literary expression has effected my life quiet like this woman. Rest in Peace to one of the most intellectual,  influential,  Creative and awe inspiring human beings this world has ever known Maya Angelou” -Tylibah



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