TCC Performing Arts Intl Opens TCC Little Tots Academy Day Care Center!

TCC Performing Arts Academy is over joyed to announce the launch of TCC Little Tots Academy Day Care Center. TCC Performing Arts International is no stranger to working with children and providing a plethora of Homework Help, Tutorial Services and Arts Education Initiatives to children from ages 4 until 14 years of age through our After School and during the day programs, so it was no stretch for us to offer a program designed specifically for the tiniest humans on our planet, “It was all about timing” says Tylibah, owner of TCC Performing Arts International. “It is amazing to offer these programs to the babies”. TCC Little Tots Academy Day Care Center is now open in Brooklyn, New York and will be open in July 2017 to the Gwinnett County Georgia residents. We accept children from as young and 1 month old up to 3 years old. Our TCC Day Care Specialist are compassionate and Fully trained workers that are committed to the safety and nourishment of each of the Little Tots that come through our door. We are open from 7am until 6:30pm and accept vouchers through the city and Private Pay parents. For more information please log on to

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