Tylibah’s Arts Education Program is looking for Qualified, Energetic and Passionate Music Teachers!

Qualified Music Teacher  (Duluth)


Certified Music Instructor
Are you an Experienced Certified Music Instructor who has an extensive background in Music, Music Theory, Song Writing, and Piano? (YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO READ MUSIC)
Do you have a passion for helping children connect more with who they are through learning about Music and its powerful and dynamic features.
If you have several years of teaching experience and believe that your purpose is to help children through Music then this may be the opportunity for you.
We are not your traditional Music Program we feel that children have the chance to grow and develop when they are in the right environments, environments that foster positivity and excellence through Arts Education. Which also must be fun, engaging and most of all educational.
The right candidate will spearhead the Music Department within our program reporting directly to the Founder of the organization. The candidate must have certifications in music and have a track record of helping children develop, mature and become successful in Performing Music.
If you are interested please send your resume, and 3 references and a cover letter answering the following questions:
Why do you feel this is the right position for you?
How do you feel your experience in music will help children to further develop their skills as young musicians?
Name 1 person in your personal life and 1 personal in your professional life who inspires you to further your career?

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