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THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM spoke to Tylibah regarding her career goals and current projects. Here’s what she had to say. HHD: As an underground artist you’ve accomplished a lot.  Can you kind of run through what you think your most major accomplishment has been so far? Tylibah: One of the most major things I think that I did was that I needed to let the world know who I was as a lyricist.  I did that in the form of a book.  The book was a book of poetry.  In poetry form it talks about my existence and what I feel I can contribute to the world.  We sold more than 15,000 copies in a year.  For underground numbers that’s very impressive.  We were doing it by word of mouth, people ont he streets, book fairs, churches.  Most recently I just secured a deal with an internet company.  This is the age of the internet. partnered up with me.  It’s just showing the world who I am. HHD: With all that you’ve done, it’s apparent that you’re constantly on the grind.  What is the ultimate goal that you’re trying to reach?  You’ve stated you’re driven by your dreams.  What is that dream? Tylibah: I would like my music to be looked at as female empowerment.  I currently live in east New York, Brooklyn, and according to the media nothing positive come out of east New York, Brooklyn.  It’s a lot of negativity, a lot of distrust.  I continue to grind so people can have empowerment. But ultimately I would like for everyone to know who I am and what I stand for.

  The female MC is a dying breed, but there are a few women making sure they don’t become extinct. Tylibah Iman is making sure you hear what she has to say loud and clear. The rapper/author/poet isn’t known by most of the world but she is known by those who matter. With co-signs from the likes of Raekwon to Maya Angelou, Tylibah is a women on the move. Bleu Magazine’s Ian Jarrell spoke with Tylibah Iman about what inspires her, her thoughts on Nicki Minaj, and the state of Hip-Hop.

The lights are dimmed, the DJ is spinning some throwback jams, and echoing chatter rings through a private party room at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Tylibah Washington is wearing a black dress that hugs her figure, gold earrings, a gold bangle on her left wrist and matching eyeliner. The short sleeves of her dress are cut as though neatly run through a paper shredder. But the thin strands of material don’t dangle; they remain attached to the bottom of the sleeves resembling a birdcage where Washington’s toned biceps are displayed inside. The celebration is a book launch for Thembisa S. Mshaka, who as a creative executive at Sony Music, helped skyrocket the careers of Beyoncé and 50 Cent. Currently a creative director, Mshaka has compiled her experiences in the entertainment business as well as the experiences of some 100 other women in her new book Put Your Dreams First: Handle Your [Entertainment] Business. Washington, a rising sensation in the music world, is one of those women featured in the book alongside “Missy” Elliot, Vanessa Williams and Mona Scott.

A writer, a poet, an artist and a true inspiration, Tylibah is certainly a name worth remembering. Born and raised in Brooklyn, this multi-talented artist stands at 25 years old with a list of accomplishments some of us only dream of. Although Tylibah is currently not signed to a label, she is certainly on her grind and making things happen. Already working with artists such as, Busta Rhymes, Dead Prez and Twista, Tylibah is sure to leave a dent in the music industry. Although Tylibah has been working and grinding to get her name out there, she was able to give Right On! Mag and EXCLUSIVE interview! Interviewed by: Violet Berisha