Staying upbeat during the coronavirus pandemic!
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Staying upbeat during the coronavirus pandemic!

Staying upbeat during the coronavirus pandemic!

Hi Guys,

I don’t know one single person who has not been affected by the coronavirus, weather they have personally experienced symptoms, been diagnosed with the virus, have family or friends who have died from the illness or have experienced debilitating anxiety and depression as a result, we have ALL been affected.

This is such a strange and unprecedented time in our nations history and what was once something that happened in distant lands has now happened to us. As much as I would like to say that everything will be ok, I don’t  know when everything will be ok, my faith in God leads me to believe that eventually everything will be ok, but right now we are all in a very complex and uncomfortable situation that can lead us to believe that nothing is getting better, but in all actuality things are getting better.


The curve is flattening, with more testing and more hospitalizations people are being treated. And less people are perishing as a result.

Social Distancing is working, staying home is working to ensure that people are not infecting others by being in large crowds or leaving their home only for essential items like groceries and prescription medication.

Its important that we keep the faith during these time and truly focus in on what is working and as we continue to educate ourselves on the importance of social distancing, washing our hands and seeking out treatment if one should get sick, the sooner we can move forward.


I hope this helps.






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