Ty’s Talk on Hand: You Are Who You Say You Are!
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Ty’s Talk on Hand: You Are Who You Say You Are!

Ty’s Talk on Hand: You Are Who You Say You Are!

Ty’s Talk on Hand: You are Who You Say You Are!


Its often very easy for us to hide behind labels and the stigmas that others place upon us. Sometimes those labels are not helpful to the development of our self esteem and our life’s purpose and goals. We wonder why we cant accomplish certain things or get to a certain level in our advancement weather its Personal, Professional or Spiritual. Could it be that we have subconsciously swallowed the worlds pill that if we are not born into this family or have these degrees, or look like him or her then we are not qualified to become what we have longed and dreamed of?

Maybe I am crazy or just high off of life, but I do not believe that, I will never believe that. We are exactly who we say we are. If you say that you are powerful, Talented, Wealthy, Beautiful,  Strong, Loved, Kind, Successful and Accomplished, then well my dear you are! Start believing it and get into action behind your goals, Pray and watch those things start lining up in your favor.

Cheers to living your purpose on purpose, taking the people you love along for the ride, and only believing the best about who you are and who you have been created to be.


With Love,



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