You alone are enough! Womans history,,,
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You alone are enough! Womans history,,,

You alone are enough! Womans history,,,

I want to take this time to honor and celebrate all of the woman that have gone before me and who have paved the way for the woman of my generation to have a voice. Womanhood is no joke. Weather you are a mother and or a wife, raising a family partnered or alone, holding down a business or career, staying home with your children. I can assuredly say that thee woman I know have committed their life to implement within their children everything you wish they will know about the joy and perils of this world that we live in.

I salute you. Each and every woman that has cried a thousands tears but only for a moment because you know that the show must go on.

I salute you for never bowing your head in defeat and  if your head was bowed it was an earnest prayer for God to order your steps and illuminate your path as you travel along your journey.


Happy Woman history month, you strong, brave, beautiful woman.


Yours in sisterhood




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